The Ferntree Gully Football Club has produced some wonderful footballers over its 100 yr journey. From Henry Monk, Fred Lording, Thomas Poole in the beginning, to the strength of Myles Monk and Percy Beswicke at the turn of the 20th century before their careers with the Melbourne Football club . Prior to the great war and the stellar decade of the twenty's featuring players such as Mick Campbell, Paddy Gilchrist, The Picketts, Miles Sellars, Meredith and Max Newton. Through the catastrophic depression of the 30's with players such as Ted Beaumont, Wally Tew, Jim Campbell and The Round brothers. The resurgence of the 40's featured the likes of Don Downes, Dave Waters, Sharp, Paton and Sidebottom. The 50's brought class in the form of one man - Ray Priestley - recruited from Brunswick he would become a Gully Legend through this decade along with Bob Campbell, Barry Stuart, Bryan Mitchell and Bob DeCoite. The 60's brought back to back flags under the guidance of Billy Bragg with stars such as Johnny Milburn,  Frank McGowan, Dundas, John Gordon, Jimmy Kirkpatrick. The mid 60's brought great players in John & Peter Quinn, Ian Cameron, Hanrahan, Barker, Coleman & Piggot. During the 70's great locals came of age, Mastertoun, Price, Jimmy & Rob Turner, Hill, Batty, Bland, Campbell, Dockery, Feaver along with Milburn and the talented Ronnie Huy and Peter McKay. The 80's saw the establishment of our great facilities and with them came the likes of 'Bluey' McGrath, Morrow, Stephens, Coviello, Billy Mitchell, Hilton, Watson, Winters, Doherty and Johnny Colby. Through the 90's players such as Stephenson, Catalano, Johnson and Thomas stood out and with the turn of a new century the likes of Cassidy, Milburn, Sharp, Rawlings, Deiiso, Moore and Geonopoulos have continued the long list of great players for this Football Club. This is just a sample......

Ferntree Gully Eagles F.C. Awards;

The RAY PRIESTLEY Trophy is awarded to the senior XVIII Best and Fairest .

The JIM CAMPBELL Memorial Shield is also awarded to the Senior XVII Best & Fairest and remains in the clubrooms.

The GRAHAM THOMAS Trophy is awarded to the senior XVIII Runner Up Best & Fairest

The FRANK SHARP Memorial Trophy & Shield is Awarded to the Reserves XVIII Best & Fairest

The GRAHAM MILBURN Trophy is awarded to the Reserves Runner Up

The BRYAN MITCHELL Trophy is Awarded to the U19 Best & Fairest

The JIM TURNER Trophy is awarded to the U19 Runner Up.

The COEN HENDRICKS Memorial Trophy awarded by President to an individual for outstanding service to the club.

The MICK CAMPBELL Medal awarded to the best Finals player

Best and Fairest Winners


    1921 Miles Sellers                         1928  Max Newton                     1935  - Greg Pickett                1936  - Joe Pickett              


   1937,38 - Teddy Beaumont         1940 -  Wally Tew                    1958 - John Gordon

 1979 -  Gavin Feaver              1989 - Darren Stephenson              1959 -  Clive Evans
   1995 & 2001 Danny Cassidy     1965,66,71 John Quinn             1967,68 Peter Quinn               1974,77,82  Jim Turner       
     1994 Mark Johnson                     1976 - Graham Scott             1969 - Ian Cameron              1973 - Terry Piggot
   1993 Brendan Milburn          1981,84 Dennis McGrath               1952,53,54 Ray Priestley        1988 Sean Winters
    1987, 91 Wayne Doherty          1978 - Peter McKay                 1990 - John Turner                 2006,7,8,9 Danny Deiesio


              1998, 99, 2003,05 - Graham Thomas                                   1986 - Tim Edwards                        2000, 02 - Andrew Sharp


Our League Best & Fairest winners

     Tim Edwards EDFL U18 B&F          Andrew Sharp EFL Senior B&F       Ian Cameron EDFL Senior B&F        John Colby EDFL Senior B&F
             3rd Division 1985                                 4th Division   2000                                 1st Division 1970                            3rd Division    1987

    Dave Droscher  EDFL U16 B&F        Ray Priestley MDFA senior B&F         Kenny Watson EDFL U18 B&F      John Quinn EDFL Senior B&F
                   1966                                                      1953, 54, 55                                         Second Division   1983               Second Division  1965, 66