Family Tradition

Some of the more prominent familes to represent Ferntre Gully Football Club have done so for 3 generations or more.

The Picketts

Frank Pickett was a prominent player from 1911 to the early 20’s playing in 3 Gully premierships and later as President for several years. Pickett’s Reserve on Burwood Highway is named after Frank. Along with brothers Joe, Bill and Greg the Pickets have all played a combined 800 plus games for the Gully and filled several administrative positions within Club. Joe and Greg won Best and fairest awards in the 1930’s.

The Campbells
Mick Campbell played from 1911 – 1929 playing in 5 senior premierships. 5 of his sons all represented the Gully; they were Jim, Albert, Alex, Doug and Sidney. His grandsons Bob, Barry and Rex and their sons Graeme, Stephen and Adam have all carried on the family tradition. Bob Campbell played 322 games with the Gully playing in the 1957 & 60 premiership sides. He ended his career winning the 1964 reserves premiership. Bob actually played football with his father Jim as did Jim play with his father Mick.
The Campbell family is commemorated by the annual presentation of a trophy to the top performer in the Best and Fairest who is a local player. Stephens’ son has now commenced with our junior u9’s continuing on the Campbell dynasty.

The DeCoites

Jack De Coite was a Trainer and Secretary of the Club in the 20’s. His son Bob, a veteran of both the Footy and Cricket Clubs, recalls running the boundary as a youngster at Picketts Reserve in 1934 while the Gully oval was undergoing drainage works. Bob’s son Neil (Nails) also played. Before Bob’s death in 2008, he had attended every AGM meeting dating back to the mid 50’s.

The Waters’

Grandfather Ted was Treasurer in the 1940’s and his sons Stewart, Jack and David played throughout the 40’s and 50’s. Their sons Darryl, Noel, Peter, Rod, Terry, Paul and Tim have all played senior/junior footy at some stage. Most of the boys have filled committee positions over the years, Paul being President in 2007 & 2008. Dave, Peter, Rod & Paul are all Life Members of the club.

The Mastertouns

Graham ‘Sam’ Mastertoun played during the 50’s and held committee positions during the 60’s. His boys Peter, Greg & Kim all played during the 60’s and 70’s. Greg was senior coach in the early 80’s and held the Vice President role late 2012/13.

The Sharps

Alf and Frank have both played in premiership sides with the Gully dating back to the late 40’s. Franks boys, Brian, Colin and Robert were all good players carrying on the family name as has Brian’s son Matt. Brian was a member of the 1987 premiership side. Jenny Sharp’s boys have also represented the Gully in recent times. Colin’s son Michael currently continues on the Sharp name and was awarded the Reserve Best and fairest in 2008 – which is in memory of Frank Sharp.

The Turners

From the mid 1960’s to mid 2000’s brothers Jim, Rob and John have all been great players in good and bad times, having all won the coveted Campbell Trophy . Michael also played junior football in the mid 70’s. John and Jim have won Best and Fairest awards in the Senior team and John was a member of the 1987 premiership side. John’s son Patrick now plays junior football with the club continuing on the Turner tradition.

Our VFL/AFL Players

Our first player to be recruited to an AFL/VFL team was Myles Alexander Monk. He was recruited to Melbourne F.C. in 1907 and played 125 games for the Demons until 1914 when he enlisted in the first world war. He returned to the Gully in 1920 and under his father held the position as Vice president. He was awarded Melbourne F.C. Life Member in 2005.

Bert Watson was a member of the first ever Melbourne F.C team in the VFL in 1897. He then went onto play great Football and Cricket at the Gully.

Percy Beswick recruited to Melbourne Football Club 1909 – 1910. Played 16 games. Percy Beswick in as he appeared in the Herald and weekly times 1910.

Mickey George played Melbourne Football club 1910.

During the early 1920’s Miles “Bob” Sellers was a great player with the Gully winning the 1921 Best & fairest award and a member of our 1922 Premiership. An interesting fact is that he was named after ‘Myles Monk’ our first league recruit.

Miles moved to Box Hill in 1924 and was recruited to the Hawthorn F.C. in 1925 playing 98 games with the hawks. He captained Hawthorn in 1928 and received reward for his abilities in representing Victoria on 9 occasions.
Miles went onto to become an integral part of the Hawthorn Football Club receiving Life Membership and remaining timekeeper for the Club until his death. Miles was also a VFL goal umpire for a short time as well.

E. ‘Ted’ Rosenbrock Played Sth Melbourne F.C. 1929-30

Dave Droscher (went to Richmond Reserves) recruited to Sth Melbourne F.C. 2 games 1971

Leo Groenewegen (played FTG u16’s) North Melbourne F.C. 5 games 1971

Greg Mastertoun was a brilliant junior footballer with the Gully who was recruited by the North Melbourne F.C. u19 group winning a club B&F in the early 70’s. Greg went onto play Reserves grade football under Ron Barrassi but due to his size was always going to be up against it in the big league. Greg went onto play football at Port Melbourne and Box Hill in the VFA before returning to the Gully.

Alec Ingwerson was a champion junior footballer at Ferntree Gully who captained our 1957 u16 Premiership team. Alec went onto to play Wantirna Sth seniors before being recruited to the Melbourne F.C. But he did learn his craft at the Gully first.

Richard Nixon was a tough and ready made senior footballer in the early 1980’s. He terrorised many opposition teams with his strong bullocking play in our u16’s and 18’s before receiving his call up to our seniors. Richard was quickly recruited by VFA team Oakleigh before being snapped up by the Richmond F.C. where he played 37 games with the Tigers.

After his short stay with the Tigers, Richard went down to Warrnambool area to Capt/coach, unfortunately Richard’s life was cut short and was killed in a Bus accident. He will always be a Gully boy.



Alec Ingwerson

greg mastertoun

Greg Mastertoun U16 1968

miles monk

1901 Miles Monk

percy beswick

Percy Beswick in as he appeared in the Herald and Weekly times 1910.

miles sellers

Miles Sellers – Represented Victoria 9 times.


The Victorian Football Association (VFA now VFL) was the second best football league in the state for over 100years. Our club takes pride in some of our talented locals being recruited to VFA teams as well as the Club recruiting VFA players to us.

Here is a list of Players that have made an impact on our club;

E.E. ‘Ted’ Lording – Captained Nth Melbourne in 1902-3 VFA days.

Jack Green – Richmond (VFA days)

Miles Sellers – Box Hill F.C.

Dave Waters – Camberwell F.C.

Dennis McGrath – Oakleigh (also played 50 games with Nth Melbourne.)

Ian Cameron – Preston VFA ( Now known as Northern Bullants)

John & Peter Quinn – Box Hill F.C.

Robert Turner – Mordialloc F.C.

Geoff Grover – Port Melbourne/ StKilda

Graham Scott – Port Melbourne F.C./ Melbourne, St.Kilda

Billy Bragg – Port Melbourne F.C.

Dave Droscher – Dandenong F.C. & Sandringham F.C.

Kenny Watson – Box Hill F.C.

Dean Glare – Box Hill F.C.

John Turner – Dandenong F.C.

ted lording

Ted Lording

dave Droscher

Dave Droscher