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Ferntree Gully Eagles Football Club is situated at the foot of the Dandenongs and fields two senior XVIII sides, an U19 side and junior teams from U8's to U17's.

The senior club is located on Glenfern rd with two ovals and state of the art facilities. Our junior teams also play out of the senior ground with their main headquarters located at Picketts Reserve on Burwood Hwy.

The Ferntree Gully Eagles Football Club is a family orientated club; 'Providing a safe social and sporting environment for the local community '

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Ferntree Gully's Policy

RSA Program

The Ferntree Gully Eagles Football Club is committed to Responsible Service of Alcohol program aimed at protecting members, supporters and staff from alcohol abuse.

The majority of our members and supporters at the Ferntree Gully Eagles Football Club want to enjoy the entertainment and atmosphere we provide without being harassed or annoyed by people who have had too much to drink. It is against the law for any liquor outlet to serve customers to intoxication or to provide drinks to people who have already had too much to drink.

The Ferntree Gully Eagles Football Club wants to encourage all who visit our club to have an enjoyable visit. But it is just as important to make sure your visit is a safe one!

Drug Policy

The Ferntree Gully Eagles Football Club understands and accepts it has a duty of care to provide a safe and healthy environment, free of illegal drugs. This policy reflects a commitment by the club to the health, safety and welfare of all its members. 

The Ferntree Gully Eagles Football Club is committed to: 
Encouraging and assisting members to realise their full potential within an environment that actively promotes their health, safety and well-being 

Preventing alcohol and other drug related harm to individuals, property and the reputation of the club 

Ensuring a supportive and inclusive environment for all members 

Providing support to members who wish to address their patterns of alcohol and/or illegal drug use 

Meeting legal requirements in relation to alcohol and illegal drugs 

Encouraging moderation and a responsible attitude to the consumption of alcohol 

The purpose of this policy is to ensure club members understand the club’s position regarding illegal drugs and explain how the club will respond to a drug-related incident within its jurisdiction.

Illegal drugs 
Illegal drugs are used by many people in the community, including young adults, so it is likely that some members of our club will have access to them. Currently there are two distinct but related illegal drug issues confronting sporting clubs: 

Performance enhancing drugs 
Illegal drugs used for social purposes (e.g. at parties, raves, in the home, at the club, etc). 
These two categories are not mutually exclusive. Some illegal drugs used for social purposes (such as amphetamines, e.g. speed) may be used to enhance sporting performance. 

Club jurisdiction 
The Club jurisdiction extends to the club premises and all activities organised by or for the club at any location or venue. 

Illegal drug policy for clubs 
© Australian Drug Foundation 2008



W.H.TEW Pavillion. Built in 1981.

State-of-the-art Facilities with first level Function room


Old Clubrooms on Oval 2 being built 1965


First pavillion was moved by bullock team in 1912 to its location where the now current scout hall is.

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