Congratulations to Jaidyn Stephenson for his 2018 NAB Rising Star Award! A Ferntree Gully Eagles Junior to Collingwood Senior Player and now the 2018 NAB Rising Star. We are so very proud of your achievements and look forward to watching your career for a long time.

Congratulations to Jaidyn Stephenson for his Rising Star Award.

Thanks to Alan Tudge MP  -Member for Aston and our hard working Facilities Committee.


Respect, Excellence, Discipline, Engagement, Responsibility


Welcome to The Ferntree Gully Eagles Football Netball Club.    

The Ferntree Gully Eagles Football Netball Club is a proud and passionate club. Our history goes back over 125 years; through droughts and depressions, through good times and bad; our club and its people have endured it all. We must take pride in what those who have come before us have done. They have sacrificed so much and without them there is no History of the Ferntree Gully Eagles Football Netball club. They have forged the legacy that is Ferntree Gully - Pride and Passion. Today we wear our jumper with pride and in doing so we will entrench ourselves in the History of this great club.

- 'It's not a right to represent this Club, it is a privilege' -

FERNTREE GULLY Eagles Football & Netball Club   

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